Training & Nutrition - July, 20 Issue E-Book

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We have designed an e-magazine, first of it's kind in Pakistan.

  • Featuring two comprehensive workout plans developed for both male and female, that will be providing you with the fitness results you were always aiming for. Whether to shred some fat or to gain muscle or strength, the workout programs in this issue are designed to support your goals. 
  • We have collected data and have researched all about macros and nutrition to contribute in your healthy diet, we have discovered some shocking facts, that have debunk some of the most popular diet theories. Know all about it inside the feature, to make your diet a treat rather than a punishment.
  • In this issue we have also presented some of the most researched nutrition supplements, you should take to uplift your fitness regimen, moreover, we have pointed out some of the crap in the nutrition industry you need to stay away from.

Get your e-copy now and support your health and fitness goals smartly.